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Aspose Maven for NetBeans

This is another NetBeans Plugin released by Aspose pty ltd, it creates Aspose maven based projects.

Aspose Maven for NetBeans IDE plugin enables Java developers to work with various binary file formats by using Aspose Java APIs right in the maven based projects.

This plugin comes with Aspose Maven Project Wizard which creates Aspose maven based project by selecting Aspose Java APIs on the wizard steps (like Aspose.Words, Aspose.Pdf or Aspose.Cells) and add those selected Aspose API's maven dependencies into newly created maven project's pom.xml.

The creating Maven project will always contain the selected APIs latest available version maven dependencies from Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

How to configure source code of Aspose Maven Project Wizard

Below simple steps will smoothly lead to successful configuration of Aspose Maven Project Wizard source code in NetBeans IDE

  1. Download / Clone the source code.
  2. Choose File -> Open Project
  3. Browse to the project source that is just downloaded in above step and open the project.
  4. Aspose Maven for NetBeans plugin code is now ready to be enhanced.

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